Learning to Teach for the 21st Century Learners

I have been a teacher for four years now and things have changed so much within those years. I know that people say that all of the time for dramatic effect but I really mean it. When I first started teaching, I taught by lecture and the kids took notes. Then I realized that I was bored doing that and so were the kids. Then I changed things to have the students be active and more hands-on in their learning. After that, my school issued each student a laptop and my lesson plans were thrown out the window. I had to rethink how technology could fit into my curriculum. Now, I am realizing that using technology to just use technology isn't very effective. I am looking for ways to use technology in an authentic way. My students know more than me when it comes to technology so I know that I have to keep learning to stay in line with them. Next year, I am going to be part of a pilot team that is going to change our school into more of a Project Based Learning environment. Educators are seeing that we are not focusing on the 21 Century Skills that students should know to be successful. Like I said I am excited, but this also means that I reinvent my teaching again. I take pride in the fact that I have never been (and will never be) a teacher that reuses the same lessons without any changes every year.


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