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Is the label 'New Teacher' a mindset or a time limit?

Do you still feel like a new teacher even though you have been teaching for years? This past year was the first time that I didn't feel like a new teacher, but it took until January to feel that way. I just finished my fifth year teaching. Does that mean that I was technically a new teacher for a year and I just felt like it was my first year each year after? Is the label 'New Teacher' a mindset or a time limit?

When each year feels like the first year, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. I hope to never lose the nervous feeling before the first day of school, keep getting excited every time a student understands something new, and sustain the energy to keep up with my middle school students. Do new teachers have more energy? More enthusiasm? I think they seem like they have more, but it may be because somewhere along the way teachers lose some of these qualities. Maybe they are overworked, underpaid, or stressed out. Educators need to realize the qualities that new teach…

During This Past School Year I've Learned

This year was my fifth year of teaching and I have changed more in this year than any other year. This was the first time that I didn't feel like a newbie.

During this past school year I've learned... that my opinions do matter and I need to share them I understand more than people think I do about education despite how young I may look leadership skills can be developed, you just have to work hard google apps are so helpful in education hard work does pay off, it may just not be the payoff that you thought it would be your passion is something to take care of so it doesn't fade

Last Few Days of School and I am Sad

Last year at this time, I was sad because I realized that there were some kids in my class that I didn't really know. They sat quietly, turned things in on time, and never complained. I realized that some kids are easy to connect with because they work on it just as much as I do, while others shy away from it. Aren't these students the ones I should be working harder to connect with?

This year I made connecting with my students a much higher priority. We only have two and a half days left in school and I am sad again. This year is different though -- I am sad because they are leaving. My wonderful students are heading to high school and I don't want to let them go. I worked very hard this year to make connections with all of my students. I had them write me letters to introduce themselves (no parameters), I take evaluations and feedback on my lessons from them (because who else could tell me if the lesson was effective), and I presented opportunities for them to share thei…