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First Few Steps in my SBG Journey

Step #1: Creating the Standards - I spent a couple days this past summer with the two other social studies teachers in my school to create our standards and begin work on the rubrics for these standards. My school has really tried to align our standards with the Common Core Standards, but those standards for social studies has not come out. We tried to think of the skills that we would like to see in our geography and U.S. history classes.

Hardest Part: trying to think about skills instead of content that we wanted kids to knowAdvice: read Fair isn't Always Equal and research what other schools use for their standardsStep #2: Creating the Rubrics - This was my first mistake... the school year started and the rubrics where not finalized. My department went through so many drafts and we were so hung up on trying to make the wording perfect. I swear we could have revised these rubrics for years, but as most of you teachers probably already know you just need to start using a rubric to…