Music Sites

In my classroom my students have been instructed to use soundzabound more than any other site for music. That is because I didn't really know of other sites out there for them to get music and soundzabound was one of their Novell applications so I knew it was school approved. My students use music in their projects to enhance the individuality of their work. Soundzabound is easy to use but it doesn't have the most popular songs or artists on it. I know that my students use other sites for that music but I wonder about copyright issues. After exploring on these other websites I see that there are more options for students. Personally, I use itunes for my music but I also have an app on my iphone for Pandora. This assignment was the first time that I used and I liked that one a lot as well. Weird to think that I used to have a huge boom box and had to use the antena and the spin dial to look for the right radio station in hopes that it would be playing a song I liked. Now it is all on my timetable and my terms.


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