Reflection on 3rd Class

We started talking about classroom management and tools. I noticed that there was a website listed that I already use. My students use this in Forensics class often. When the kids work on practicing their speeches, they use this as a tool. I like it because you can choose to either use it as a stop watch or have a countdown.

I thought the was a really fun tool and I could see myself using this in my classroom. There are so many things that you could ask in a poll. Off the top of my head, I could ask who the most influential United States President is. It would be interesting to see who the students select and that could lead into a class discussion.

I also looked at Primary Pad with Lisa. I thought this was a cool tool because you could see who added what to each document. They highlight each author’s additions in a different color. Then I got to look at This was a fun site to record my voice with an avatar saying it. I can see kids liking this site and getting into creating their avatar. This was an easy to use website that allowed you to get sound by many ways (record with a mic, upload a sound file, add text and the computer will speak, and putting in your phone number and recording it over the phone).


  1. Julie, Thank you for working with me last class. I love having you, an experienced, techo, in our class. You would be a great technology teacher in that you have patience with those that aren't up to your level. See you Tuesday. Lisa

  2. I hope you'll give the online polling sites a try in the classroom. You could have the students use their laptops instead of cell phones (although I like the idea of cell phones).


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