5th Session Reflection

Today we talked about digital storytelling. I have used animoto a lot in my classroom. In social studies class, the students get to decide what format they want their projects to be. Many of them choose to do an animoto. I have heard the kids say how easy it is to use. The only draw back I think is that it limits the text that can be added to a picture. Today Amy said that she didn't see that as a draw back but as a reason that kids need to really think about what pictures they are putting on their animoto. I never really saw it that way. We also talked about and played around with VoiceThread. I have played around with it before but not really in depth. I thought that I could use VoiceThread with my history class by uploading a picture from the Civil War and have the kids record a historical fiction story that they create.


  1. Since you have been using Animoto already how do you assess (grade) Animoto projects? Are they graded on content, quality of images, explanations? I think they all look really cool, but if they're so easy to create and are limited in content what are they being graded on? How do you decide what a good Animoto is vs a bad Animoto? Maybe the skill part isn't the point, not sure. In art the craftsmanship of the presentation itself if part of the assessment along with the concept.

  2. I grade the students on their explanation that goes along with the animoto. They might do a presentation and use an animoto as the backdrop for their project. I think a good animoto has relevent pictures and has key words that go along with it.


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