Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration article

This article was very interesting. There are so many applications out there that are free to use. I first looked at SchoolTube because I enjoy showing short video clips in class but I have found that YouTube can not always be reliable and when you search for a video some other videos pop up that have bad words in their title. I knew of TeacherTube but I have not really explored SchoolTube. I think it is great to have a place where kids can publish their work in a safe environment.

The second one I looked at was SnagFilms. I have never heard of this website before. I really liked it. Personally, I really enjoy documentaries, but I can see myself using this in my history class as well. For example, they have documentaries about legacies of different decades.

The third one I looked at was Weebly. It looks like an easy way to make a free website/blog. I watched the tutorial and it all seemed pretty user friendly. I don't really know when I would use this in class. I already have a Moodle page for my class and I have a website from the district. I guess I could make a new one for my school's website. The one that we are supposed to use is not so fun and you can't do all that much with it. I guess I could make a new website for myself on Weebly and just post the link to it on the school's website.


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