1st Day of Changing Education

Today was the first day of Academy 21. I have been wanting this day to come since the end of last year. I met 28 great kids. I even learned all of their names by heart within the first hour. Today they learned about the school and their school issued laptops and tomorrow they start their first project. Within their advisory groups they will be designing their classroom.

Today's Rose:
I think I am most looking forward to having an advisory group. I can't wait to create the environment I have always wanted but never had the prime opportunity.

Today's Thorn:
I have not had the time to get materials ready for my traditional social studies classes (I am really trying hard to balance work with having an actual life outside of work) so I didn't leave school today until 6 p.m. Not the way I wanted to start off my school year. I realized that balancing Academy 21 and my traditional classes is going to be harder than I thought. Here is to a crazy, busy, successful year!


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