Good things!

I have been exhausted this year. Really, it feels like my first year of teaching all over again. Back when planning was day by day and there was so much I wanted to accomplish in such a little time. I have gone through a lot of emotions in this project based learning Academy 21 that I am in. This week I have felt accomplishment. I have seen some of my advisory kids grow in ways that I don't think a traditional setting teacher would have caught or would have had the time to work on. I have seen kids reflect on themselves and say that they need help with time management and being comfortable as a leader of a group. I have also realized that I am building relationships that don't normally happen in a traditional setting. I can tell that I have made quite a connection with in my advisory. I can tell that she feels more at ease with me and she shares things with me. I am now able to get past her passive attitude and get to the heart of her weaknesses and build them up to strengths. I feel lucky to be a part of this pilot.


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