Stages of Change

Forming... Storming... Norming... Performing...

This year I know that I am a part of changing education. I know it is going to be a big thing and that I can be a part of something that I completely believe in. I also know that I am probably in the storming stage of change. I have found this week to be very stressful and I am only on Wednesday. I have analyzed the four stages of change and I understand that morale need to "bottom out" before they get better.

Yesterday I had a parent informational meeting that went great. Parents had a lot of questions and concerns, but also a lot of support for us and what we are doing. As I looked out into the crowd of parents, I saw some that just looked puzzled or causious. By the end of the meeting, I saw these same adults look a lot more relaxed. And after the meeting I had some parents that wanted to talk with me. They were very nice and I could tell that they were a little taken back when I was able to explain their child in the same manner that they would. I think they realized that I am really getting to know these children and that I am committed to working with the students and see them grow. I left that meeting with a good feeling about the next day.

I am looking forward to the norming and performing stages of change :)


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