Change is hard... the bigger the change, the harder it is

A colleague of mine said "Change is hard... the bigger the change, the harder it is." I don't know if there is a better way to describe how I am feeling. This year has been tough and sometimes I want to give up. The thing I have to realize is that change hard and I do believe that the change I am a part of is right and beneficial to students. Did famous leaders that were a part of change in history go through tough times? Yea, I am sure all of them did. I bet they thought about giving up. I bet they missed the life they used to have. I bet they felt unsupported by the masses. I guess that means I am in good company. Don't get me wrong, I am not curing cancer... but it feels like a big change nonetheless.


  1. Being part of something that you know is good for kids can often be lonely but if you believe in what you are doing than it is worth the lonliness and perhaps the pain it takes to make change.

    I know this has not been an easy year;the challenge at times may feel unsurmontable but I know as you look back it will be worth all of the time, sacrifice and even alienation that you may feel right now.

    After my father died, I searched his office for something that I could keep that would help me keep his guidance alive after his death. I found a small plaque in the depths of his drawer that had I not recused would have most certainly been thrown away. On that plaque it said-

    "Nothing ... will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must be first overcome."
    Dr.Samuel Johnson

    That quote helped me so much as I forged ahead in the TAG program, doing what I knew was the right thing for the students contrary to the beliefs of others. It still gives me courage everyday as I try to educate the whole child rather than the part of them that has to take a test to prove my worth.

    Believe in what you are doing,you are not alone...I am routing for you everyday!!

  2. Well, whoever said that about change was so right. I really agree. It's not just the change that brings the conflict either; as soon as a person really stands for something, really purports a position, really provokes a stance, some people will show up, almost out of nowhere to throw up obstacles. Their fear of change causes them to lash out at those who are bringing about change. It's important for courageous people like you to remember that those challenging feelings are a sign that you are on the right track.
    This has been a rough year, but you have blazed new trails that will allow others to follow and overcome their fears.


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