30 Day Kick Start

I have always wanted to keep a regular blog for me to reflect on teaching and education. I have tried twice to post regularly and I have failed both times. Some people would just let go of this idea and move on, but not me. I made this my goal and just because I have encountered obstacles doesn't mean that I should give up. I have recently come across these 30-day-kick-start-your-blog ideas. I thought this would be a great way for me to get back into the swing of things. Each day I will be reflecting on a question that deals with education. Thank you in advance for watching and reading!

Feel free to add your own answers to the questions in the comment section.


  1. Wow!First, let me congratulate you on making the commitment to blog on a regular basis. That is, I think, the most difficult part of blogging - making the commitment and then sticking to it. Would you share your questions with me? I'd like to challenge myself!

    Secondly, your video was powerful. Not only in your response to the question, but in your confidence. I commend you for posting a video response rather than text. It would have been easier to script your response in words, but your commitment to your students and your obvious passion for teaching, might have been lost in the words.

    I look forward to reading (or watching) your posts! Well done!

  2. Very cool. I too love this way of communicating. As much as I love the written word, I agree with Amy that the video has something special that text can't capture. I'd like you to teach me how you did this.


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