Day 3

Day 3 asks for areas that I can improve on... if you have any suggestions or if you feel the same way please don't hesistate to comment.  Thanks for watching!


  1. Julia ShayMarch 28, 2011

    These days, I think burn out is on everyone's mind. More is asked, less time is given. For me, the stress comes when I'm working on something for which I don't directly see the benefit to students or something I don't feel I'm particularly good at. I do get rejuvenation from discussing new ideas, but I get frustrated again when there is no time to implement those concepts.

  2. AGREED!!! I find myself in the habit of stretching myself too thin... thus, not being able to complete everything to a level that I would expect... which causes frustration. I really thought that I would have more time to spend on lessons and IEPs this year with student council not being on my plate. Not the case. I have volunteered for other things and taken on new challenges. I always think to myself that I need to take a step back... but I've come to the conclusion it just wouldn't feel right. I am always encouraging my students to give their best and to take risks--it's only fair if I set the example. :) At least that's what I'm telling myself as I'm sitting here writing IEPs on my spring break!

  3. I think you totally hit on an area that college never prepared me for, and that is the handling of stress. few people in the private sector have any clear realization as to how stressful it is to work with children all day. Without a definite approach that works for you, it can burn a person out. I've seen colleagues burn out around me, and I've seen others go to retirement with as much energy as they started with. The key I see so far, is that those people with energy don't necessarily hold back, but they come up with an approach that works for them to deal with the stress. Some organize their every move, some shoot from the hip, some focus on maintaining patience, and others use humor. Whatever we use, I agree that it is the fear of most good teachers who feel the same way you do.


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