Day 25

Today I was able to reflect on how I was taught in middle school.  It is so weird that I can remember certain aspects so clearly while others I don't recall at all.


  1. I was in "junior high" in the mid 70's and the only memories I have are negative ones. I remember some of my teachers but not because they were good or because I liked them rather I remember them for their lack of understanding, their lack of teaching me in a way that worked for me. Teaching in junior high was lecturing, and if you needed help, it was a bad thing, and you were made to feel inadequate and stupid. I would never want to relive those two years! As a teacher now, I make a point of getting to know each of my students and let them know that they can always come for help; getting help is a good thing as you are advocating for yourself. While my own experience wasn't so great, I hope that the experience I give my own students is one that they will remember in a positive way.


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