Day 28

Today's question was: How do you create a classroom where every student feels included and valuable? I can't tell you how important building relationships are in education.


  1. Hey Ms. Colque,
    I was just blogging around and found this. What a cool thing? And I can tell you really care and put effort into these videos and the responses you gave! You are a great teacher and I wanted to comment on this video in specific because I think you do a good, no, a great job at building relationships with your students. You definitely do care about them as people and it is very obvious, so I thank you for that and I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way! I miss you, and hope you are doing good :)

  2. Taylor!!! I miss you too! Thank you for checking out my blog and for all of the nice things you said. Stop by and visit soon.


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