How I Describe My Passion

Today I thought of something that I would like to share in case there are other educators who feel the same way I do.

How I Describe My Passion

They whisper that I will burn-out if I continue at the pace I am going.
They say that they have seen this all happen before.
They look at me with those sad eyes when they realize how tired I am.

I say that I am driven.
I showcase my love for learning and students everyday.
I sprint through the marathon because I know that I only have a short time with these students and they deverve the best from me.

I know I get tired and sometimes I let it show.
I know I get to the point where I question if it is all worth it.
I know I will make mistakes along the way.

I know I will get my energy back.
I know I will see my students grow and realize that it is all worth it.
I know I will learn from each mistake, brush myself off, and keep doing what I am doing.


  1. Self-reflection as a teacher is what separates the great from the mediocre. Constantly questioning ourselves, accepting that we will makes mistakes, and knowing how important it is to get back up and continue to press on helps us to grow, not only as educators but as people. We all have our good and not-so-good days; that's just human nature. It is when we question those not-so-good days and look for how we could have made them better is when we grow as teachers. Don't let the negativity and pessimism of others bring you down. While you can expect there to be days when you struggle, in the end, it is worth it.

  2. Wow... How many times I have felt that same way. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love this. There is not a line in this that I have not heard or said at some point. Keep going. It is all worth it.


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