First Parent-Teacher Conference with SBG


I had my first parent-teacher conferences with using SBG. Before these conferences I was so nervous. I know that people tend to have a hard time with change. I also know that this way of grading is not what they are used to seeing. I was prepared to explain all night that a 4 was not equivalent to an A or that if their student was not getting all 4's then they are not doing well in class. I think I thought of every possible argument that might come up during these conversations with parents.

We had 3 hours of conferences that night and it set records in attendance by parents. It was great to see everyone and to my surprise the parents were not all hung up over the new grading system. They just wanted to know how their students was doing. I had two that wanted me to explain the new grading system and they asked me if I believed in it. I was too happy to share my support for SBG and I think I helped a few parents understand why. Overall it wasn't a them vs. me battle, but instead it was about the learning of the students which is exactly what it should be.


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