5 Lessons learned in 10 years teaching

Yesterday marked the first day of school on my 10th year of teaching. As yesterday went on, I reflected on lessons that I have learned through my decade career so far.
1.  Get excited - Every new school year is like a blank slate with unlimited possibilities. Each year has students who are nervous and excited for school. Show them that having a passion for education is cool.
2.  Surround yourself with positive people - We all know that the teaching profession can feel like a grueling and unappreciated profession at times, which is why we need to stay positive. You red to have a group of peers that will help keep you positive and focus on your goals.
3.  Start small - I can tend to get caught up in the excitement of trying new things and I make a big wish list of things I want to accomplish. Then my wish list gets to be overwhelming and I don't know where to start. In these last 10 years I have learned to pick one or two things to put into practice. That way it is more manageable.
4.  Listen to the kids - Our students speak volumes even when they don't say anything at all. I have a student who has it tough outside of school and I realized this student made very subtle comments to start a conversation with me. This was great because this student usually puts up some pretty high walls up to keep people out. You need to listen to what students say and what they do.
5.  Be open to change - Education is always changing and so are the students we have. Have an open mind to new ideas. Remember that you learn the most from your failures so don't be afraid to fail.


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